Many more coming soon!
October 8, 2008


The heading is a picture I took on my phone…aren’t they adorable?! Anyway, the camera is still at the hospital so I haven’t been able to download any of the really good pics yet! Alaina’s going home tomorrow so I’ll probably be able to do it then. The babies have both been doing pretty well…they had some issues figuring out how to eat (they kept falling asleep!), but they’re both good now. Last night they gave Alaina 2 doses of percocet and I guess she totally freaked out and thought she couldn’t breathe, yikes! So now they just have her on 1 dose of percocet and 1 dose of something else that’s not a narcotic. Other than that she’s doing ok, today she’s going to have to start getting up and walking around so that she’ll be ready to go home tomorrow. Like I said, I promise to post more pics as soon as we get them on the computer! 🙂