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Milk, Eggs, Vodka: by Bill Keaggy
September 18, 2008

You should read it. It’s awesome. One of the many perks of working at the library is the fact that I get to see all the crazy (and usually really cool) stuff people check out. It’s even better when you can tell the coolest person in the world has just returned their books because there’s about 50 that you want to check out and you never even have to go out and find them on the shelves.

Back to Milk, Eggs, Vodka: it’s the worlds funniest collection of found grocery lists. The book has scanned copies of the actual grocery lists that include things like “Burd Fud” (say it out loud) and “Birfday Kard” as well as “Buttmilk.” Hm. I read part of it while I was on break at work and got so many frightened looks by my co-workers because I couldn’t help laughing.