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October 20, 2007

There’s an amazing amazing book that I love: Into The Wild, and a movie was just made about it. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I’ve been looking forward to seeing the movie for a really long time now. (more…)


Book #8: Harry Potter and The Annoying Movie Theater Guy
July 18, 2007

Well then, sorry its been ages! Computers would be such wonderful things if only they’d decide to work for more than three days in a stretch! I’ve finally succumbed to my childish excitement over the Harry Potter books. I realized though, when we went to see the 5th movie last week and the theater was full of adults, that I am not alone. 

 The aforesaid movie was..ok.. Let’s just say that if they didn’t have so much amazing source material for the movies, they’d all suck. The movies left out quite a bit of important stuff. Not only that, we sat in front of the most obnoxious person. Evan said he didn’t know why the guy hadn’t fallen over dead, as the looks I gave him were worse than the Dementors’! He talked (loudly, I might add) throughout the entire movie.

Example- This is what we see on the screen: Harry is standing in a room, Hermione runs in, Harry says “Hi Hermione.”

This is what we hear immediately thereafter: “Oh,look. There’s Harry standing in a room! Oh, and Hermione is running in. Harry’s saying hi! Wow.”

This is what I yell in my head: YES, we KNOW! We are all watching the SAME MOVIE. Therefore, the need for a constant COMMENTARY is QUITE unexistant. Would you PLEASE SHUT UP?

It was very exhausting after three hours! When the movie ended he stood directly in the middle of the aisle and watched the credits while some 200 people tried to circumnavigate his extremely obtrusive presence in their path! See that? I’m still so angry over it that I’m using unneccissarily large words!

Selma’s Songs
July 6, 2007

Bjork has been in one movie (she swears she’ll never be in another) called Dancer in The Dark. She plays a woman named Selma who is going blind from a hereditary disease. Selma works at a factory trying to save money in order to pay for her son to get an operation before his eyesight starts to get worse and he also goes blind. She loves musicals and is always making up songs and pretending that her life is a musical. It’s one of the best movies that I’ve seen in quite a while. Bjork did an amazing job and the songs are awesome. Have any of you guys seen this movie? What did you think about it? My family hated it… I loved it so much that I watched it twice in a week!

Alex Supertramp
June 29, 2007

One of my favorite books is Into The Wild. It’s a true story about this really rich kid who destroys everything he has and goes to live on the streets. He ends up going to Alaska and living in this old bus up there. Anywho, I found out a few days ago that they’re going to be making it into a movie! I’m super excited, because it looks like it’s going to follow the book very closely. I’m already determined to be the first person in line when it comes to Springfield! Have any of you read this book? What do you think about the movie? I’m a little wary about Vince Vaughn being in it, since it’s anything but a funny movie. Well, tah tah! Mark is grilling portabella mushrooms for dinner and I don’t want to be late!