This has officially been my busiest summer yet! I (unwisely!) decided to take a summer class online which ended up requiring more work than I ever imagined. We had our family reunion (which was great). I worked quite a bit at The Picture People. And…I got a job at the Library Center!

The life sciences class I took was pretty much just tedious and long. Since we were cramming so much into such a short time I feel like I learned absolutely nothing even though I was studying every spare moment.

Our family reunion for the Robison’s went pretty well. We went to SDC and Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The next day we went to Fantastic Caverns and Mark came as well…Someone brilliant (not me) decided to delete all of the pictures off of our camera before uploading them into our computer…!

Tonight’s my last night at The Picture People…for which I am incredibly greatful! It’s a great job, but hasn’t been so lately. They fired our store manager (and she was GOOD) a few weeks ago and ever since then it’s been going down hill. People are acting like rats jumping off a sinking ship and there are only a few employees left…which means everyone’s working constantly and even on your days off you get calls saying “will you please come in? ____ is sick and there’s no one else that isn’t working.” On top of that, the AC conked on us 3 weeks ago. Yeah…and it’s not fixed yet. Way to go corporate!

I got a job as a circulation assistant at The Library Center. Yay. I had a day of training last week and start for real on Thursday.

Anyway…There is plenty more to tell (including several movie reccomendations, two exciting trips to St. Louis and Kansas City, and a visit from a Swede) but I have to go fix lunch for ms. preggers.

Oh, yeah, Alaina started having early contractions Thursday and was in Labor and Delivery all day before they sent her home and put her on bedrest! She’s not due until Oct. 16th so it’s going to be a loooooon few months. She’s allowed to get up and go pee and she can take one bath every other day (she starts having contractions when she stands up) so she’s pretty much bored out of her mind and we’re all about to kill her because it’s “go get me this, make me that, buy me this book, put this movie in for me, fastforward this part” constantly! 🙂

Ps. All you Okies…esp any Edmonites – your city manager likes my city better: the city manager of Edmond,  Larry Stevens, is one of the finalists for becoming Springfield’s new city manager.


3 Responses

  1. dearest,
    why do i have to read your blog to find out about alaina? i’m concerned…write

  2. Humph. He can have your city. Hope Alaina’s doing well, and I have to say, if I were Maw Maw y’all would be getting a good old fashioned southern tounge lashing! For shame!

    Good to see you back online!

  3. Ah, when I read that I said “Alaina! Call mawmaw now! Right now!” and she goes “she just called me…she said she was worried when she read your blog!” Sheesh. I didn’t realize my mom never talked to her! I guess I just assumed that she new. *sigh* Shame on us!

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