A favor

If any of you have time to read my short story “Photographs” and comment on it that would be amazing. I’m thinking about entering it into a competition but am not even sure what genre to consider it. Thanks!


5 Responses

  1. I’d love to read it. Email it whenever you get the chance, please and thank you.

  2. Actually it’s a post on my blog, but if you want I can still email it. It should pull up though if you just search for Potographs.

  3. Ah. Your style reminds me so much of my best friend’s style-which I, of course, love. Very good, my dear. I’m impressed. And I, personally, would classify that as angst.

  4. Leah – that is an awesome picture of you on your profile… is it a recent one or one from your childhood?

  5. Lol, it’s recent. My boyfriend really likes to take photographs and the other day (when it was actually pretty outside) he was like “will you go outside and jump up and down for me so I can take a picture?” I could not stop laughing because I felt so idiotic! He wanted to try it with different light too, so we ended up going out in the back yard 3-4 different times. I was like “your neighbors are going to think we’re psychotic!” Anyway, most of them look really bad tough because I was laughing so hard. Ah well, it was fun! Thanks!

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