That’s what my family always calls me…not because I’m graceful either! Well, I proved their point pretty well on Friday night. You might know that we’ve had some ice here this last week, but by Friday it was pretty much gone. In fact, it was about 65 degrees all day long. I decided to cook a great meal for the two of us and we went to see Michael Clayton (yes yes, we’re a romantic couple, I know. That was our Valentines day celebration!). It was pretty much a lovely evening. Well, at about 10:30 I decide to leave (cause we’re both the kind of people who get incredibly tired by about 10:00) and we say goodnight at the door. As I’m walking to my car, I notice that his garage door is still open. Knowing Mark, I figured that he’d probably already locked the door and was in bed by then, so I just decided to close it myself. His house is old(er) and the garage door is the kind that won’t stop even if there’s something underneath it – I’m terrified of it. Well, I go in and close the door, but on my way out I got caught on something and so it slowed me down and freaked me out. So I literally run underneath the door and…onto a patch of ice. I had no idea I was falling until I realized that I was laying on the concrete in super horrible pain. I decide to yell “Help me!” because I thought maybe Mark could hear me. Um, no. By this time all I wanted to do was lay there and cry (which I did for a few seconds), but I remembered that I had my phone in my pocket. So I call Mark and I’m like “I fell!” (but I was crying so it was hard to understand I think). He comes running out in shorts and socks and he’s like trying to feel my legs and make sure nothings broken (I, of course, am like “stop TOUCHING it!”). Anyway, when I fell, pretty much all of my weight went on my right leg and then my right elbow. I put ice on it and such, but it still hurts pretty bad. Of course, no one believed me right after (because bruises don’t show up right away), but now it’s really gross looking. And its so swollen that I can’t feel my skin. Weird.



2 Responses

  1. Ouch!

  2. Some things never change, Grace!

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