So I’ve newly found myself as a quite strong ditz-magnet. Yep, I dunno what it is. I’m the type of person that just goes to school does her work and then comes home. Not that interesting. Of course, if you really knew me, you’d think I was interesting…I think…*I* think I’m interesting! However, my interesting has to do with music, literature, and art. Not sports…or dancing…or ditzy-ness. In other words; I have never ever EVER been the kind of person that just has gorgeous skinny cheerleader-types flocking to my side.

Well, not so anymore. I’m sitting in my first class on the first day and along comes this girl – the type that only cares about drinking and going to the tanning beds and you can tell just by looking at her – and plops down beside me. “Like, oh my god, I can’t do this. I like never get up this early. Oh my GOD! Look at that hottie.” I’m not kidding. Very first sentence out of this girl’s mouth. “Yeah.” (that was me by the way) “Oh god, I need to go tanning. I’m like totally losing my tan. Do you go tanning?” Um…do I look like I go tanning? Seriously. “Where do you go.” …the conversation proceeds from there. I maybe said three words (albiet, nicely). I’m thinking she’ll realize that we have absolutely zippo in common…but no. Every time I go to that class…there she is!

This same thing happens in a ton of my classes! Weird. But the best one is my last class. I walked in at about the same time as this other girl (tall, blond, skinny) and sit in the third to last row. She sits down next to me (o….k?) and whines “Why’d we have to sit all the way in the back? Now we’ll look like bad kids!” We didn’t have to sit in the back…I did. You didn’t see me begging you to come sit next to me… We sit for a few minutes (she’s talking about what  a hard time she had picking out her first-day clothes) and suddenly she jumps out of her chair and starts squeeking and waving her hands. “Oh, my god, she’s the girl from my modern dance class!” “Modern dance?” “Yeah. We, like, crawl around on the floor and growl like kittens.” “Oh.”

The next time I go to the class I get there first, but of course she still sits next to me…so now it’s me plus TWO modern-dancers. Yeah… But yesterday, they’re there when I show up. I use the excuse of being a lefty and slide into the row behind them to snag the seat with the left-handed desk. “Uh,” (not so nicely) “why’d you sit back there?” “It’s easier to take notes on the left-handed desk. “Oh….well, we’ll sit back there next time.”

Ok, ok, I know. I should be glad that people want to be my friends, right? And I am, none of these girls are mean or anything…they’re all very nice…but like I said, we have nothing in common. Anyway..more than anything, I’m completely baffled as to why they would all decide that we do. Hm.


3 Responses

  1. 🙂 Just be friendly to them…you never know what they might need from you!
    Love your header by the way!

  2. Sounds fun. Hey, at least you don’t have to sit all alone in the back of the room!

  3. Regina – Thanks, it’s my first experiment with watercolors… a bit messy; I ended up spilling the india ink on Mark’s carpet and a drawing he was working on (oops!). Oh, and the ocean’s crooked. 🙂

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