I didn’t die

Just a quick note to let my many (ha) readers know that I’m still alive! School just started today and I’ve been kind of rushing around to get ready for it. I’m taking Intro to Society, Intro to Public Speaking, American Folklore, Intro to Psychology, and Life Stages in Literature (in which I get to read the most fab book ever [Into The Wild] again!). To end on a super positive note; I’ve got an interview at the library tomorrow. Actually, I guess that’s not really a positive note if I end up not getting the job, then it’s just depressing…but for now we’re going to say it’s positive! At least they want to interview me! Yay. Libraries are fantastic.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations! I hope you get it!

  2. Ah, nope. Didn’t get the job. But it’s actually ok because it was kind of far away (like an hour). Oh well, at least I was one of the 5 people they interviewed for it, right? 🙂

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