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I’m assuming that most of the (minute ammount of) people who read my blog are against same-sex marriages, right? But I was thinking about this the other day and realized that marriage is actually a religious thing. I mean, most people want to get married by their preacher/pastor/etc., but in order for that person to have the legal right to join the couple they have to get involved with the government. So, why don’t we let the government do civil unions for anyone who wants one…and if you want to be married (since most people do say something about making a vow before God during the ceremony), you can just get your preacher to do it after you’ve gotten your civil union. Now, before you start making arguments, consider this: a single mother gets three times the benifits of a married mother. How many  lesbian couples do you suppose are out there with children getting the same benifits which are meant to be given to women who have no one else in their household to help them raise their children? What about single fathers? If they get custody of a child from a previous marriage, they also get benifits, but if they’re living in a home with another man and getting the same spport that they would from a wife there’s no way to account for it. Put this way, it seems that our laws actually put the straight couples at a disadvantage. In fact, if a couple of two sexes lives together for more than a certain ammount of time, some states actually require that they get a civil union; therefore taking away any claim by either party to be a “single parent” deserving of government aid. So, as I said earlier, I don’t think marriage should have anything to do with the government. If they want to give adults who have committed relationships with one another benifits/extra taxes/ etc, they should do it regardless of their sex. Actually, there are even brothers and sisters who live together during adulthood who – although not in the traditional sense – take the roles of “husband” and/or “wife.” No, they’re not married; no, they don’t have kids; and no, I definitely hope they’re not sleeping together…but who is the government to say that their committed relationship is more or less deserving of benifits than any other couple’s relationship. Right then, back to my point. Since marriage is religious, let your religious leader give you your marriage. If you want to be joined in the eyes of God, then do it; you don’t need some government-appointed person to give you that right. The only reason the govnernment should get involved in your marriage is when it becomes an actual legal issue (kids, taxes, etc). This is just my theory, so if you have an opionion I’d love to hear it! Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!


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  1. Woo chick-a-dee… boggy ground! I have no idea where I stand on government assistance. Frankly, (and fortunately) I’ve not had to have it yet! I think that all things considered a two income home should be taken into consideration when it comes to govt. assist. even if those people are not legally married. However, what a job that would be to make sure everyone was abiding by that rule! I just don’t know, you’ve bitten off a lot there!

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