Any of you who’ve seen my car know that it is very very sad. If I’ve ever had to drive you any place you’re probably thinking “Oh, no, what is it doing now?” Right then…My car was just great when I got it…it was used and there were some tears in the seats and stuff, but nothing big…or so we thought. A few months after buying the car we started to figure out that it must have been wrecked pretty badly and they just put it back together and tried to make it look like it wasn’t.

Whenever I drove over 50 air would come pouring in from the winshield. No big deal, right? But, I drove the car to Seattle and while I was there apperantly water decided to get into the car also.  I’d turn the car off but all of the electronics would still be going; lights, radio, etc. Even this would have been ok…if I’d been able to turn them off at all. The worst was when I was driving down I5 in the middle of Seattle. It was actually a gorgeous clear day but traffic was really horrible and we were basically stopped. Suddenly, the windshield wipers turn on at the highest speed possible. Seriously. I can’t turn them off and they’re making this horrible noise so I end up driving down the road spraying my window cleaner so they won’t be completely dry. Yep, I got some pretty crazy stares that day. Anyways, after I moved back to MO things seemed to be ok again. My A/C had stopped working, but of all the things that had been going wrong, I was just glad that was all that was messed up. 

Well, this spring as I was about to park for my cake decorating class…Tah Dah…some lady pulls right out into my passenger side door. This is not a nice little ding…this is like…a hugely sadly cave-ined door. Yep. So now I can’t open either of my passenger doors anymore. Her insurance payed me $1,300 for the damage (and my dad says it can be fixed for like $300 if he does it), so that’s good, right? Actually, my parents ended up using the money for my sister’s wedding (she so owes me!) so it didn’t really make a difference…besides I owe them a ton of money so there’s no way I’m going to ask for it.

Anyways…If you’ve heard me drive up you probably know the next problem…my car officially sounds like a lawnmower. Yep. It’s pathetically loud and you can hear me from blocks away (this is not an exaggeration either!)! Yikes.

Now for the best part: my heater hasn’t worked for a year. I don’t know if any of you remember that horrible ice storm last year? This is the girl driving around with no heater during the whole thing! Yes. I have two quilts, a pair of gloves, a really dumb looking hat, and this huge ghetto coat that I’ve been wearing when I drive. I look homeless. Anyways, so the greatest thing happened: I got the heater fixed Saturday! You cannot believe how exciting this was for me! I’m like “yay! I want to drive my car places even though it’s posessed and you can’t open two of the doors…I’ve got a heater!”

Well, I’m taking Evan home from school Monday and guess what happens…We’re driving along talking about how cool it is that we’re not freezing to death and we hear this really loud CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK noise. So I pull over and Evan gets out. I’m thinking I’ve gotten caught on a branch or something; no big deal. Evan looks at me completely horror-stricken and says “Uh, this isn’t good.” I think he’s kidding with me because he’s laughing when he says it. Not so. I get out and look and lo and behold, my muffler and tail pipe are just hanging off of the car. Sheesh. So some really nice farmer guy stops and crawls under my car to take it off for me.

Anywho. So that means I’m finally going to get an exhaust system for my car that DOESN’T sound like a lawnmower. You have no idea how excited Mark’s neighbors are probably going to be!

So, two down and only a bazillion more to go before I have a normal car again.

The two doors I thought couldn’t be opened…? I drove Emily to gospel meeting last week and she accidently opened the door. It didn’t fall off! So now all of my doors are use-able…they just look sad!


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  1. This is a good story to me if you read about my wreck on my blog!! It’ll get better!

  2. Yep Moni, I read about your wreck[s]. I must tell you the truth, it made me feel a bit better about my car! 🙂 I keep *hoping* something like that will happen to mine! Anyways, I got the muffler fixed and it sounds good now. Yay.

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