The Little Mermaid: Fiction vs. Fiction


I’m taking “Critical Approaches to Literature” this semester and our final paper is one where we have to compare a completely fictional piece of literature to a movie which is based on it. Well, I’ve been wracking my brain for a while trying to think of something I want to do. My first idea was to write about “Into The Wild,” but the book isn’t fiction so I couldn’t do that one. My next thoughts were The Secret Garden or Little Children (both of which I would have to re-read and watch in only a week). However, I was also in the middle of reading The Last Temptation of Christ (at the prodding of another student in the clas…the book is not that great…guess what? He dies. Ok, there’s a little bit of twist at the end, but it’s taken me two weeks and I’m not even finished yet); I found out that there’s also a movie about this too, so I thought I would just finish it and get the movie. Well, today I was sitting there thinking “I really do not want to have to write about this book, it is phenomenally dull,” and I thought of The Little Mermaid. Anyone who’s read Hans Christian Anderson’s original text and seen Disney’s movie version knows they’re nothing alike. Similarities: there’s a girl who is a mermaid. Not only do I love the story (either version), I got a chance to study the differences between the two last year in my Children’s Lit class. So I emailed the professor (although I assumed that he’d probably say it was too easy, childish, etc. He’s just that kinda guy), and he said it was a  great topic! Wow. I get to write a final about The Little Mermaid! How fun is that?


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  1. My favorite Disney movie of all time!!!

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