The nice things

I have a small car, and – as anyone with one of those will agree – the lights from big trucks can kill you. They shine in your mirrors and you can hardly see to drive. As is quite natural, most people slow down when they are unable to see. Unfortunately, when this happens, the driver behind you usually gets angry and drives closer to the back of your car making it even more impossible to drive safely. A few nights ago as I was driving home a rather large vehicle pulled into the road behind me. Expecting to be blinded, I grumbled a bit prematurely and prepared myself for the worst. To my amazement though, the driver of the truck began to drive very slow so that I was able to get far enough away from them so that their lights weren’t too bad. As they drove up behind me at a stop sign, they turned their lights so that they were just the very dim parking lights; at this point I was thinking that the people behind me must be the nicest people I’ve ever “met” on the road. As I drove away from the stop sign they gave me plenty of time before turning on their lights and going. By this time I was fairly close to my house which is on a road that very few people travel on. When the vehicle didn’t turn before reaching that road though, I began to get a little bit worried. My family was out of town for the weekend and wouldn’t be getting back for a while, so I was going home to an empty house. I was sure the car behind me wasn’t actually following me, but my protective instincts kicked in and I reached for my cell phone. Because we have convention at our house there is a sort of half-circle that goes around our house and property and exits on the other side. In my head I made a plan, I decided that I would turn into the drive and see if the people followed me, if they did, I would keep driving and call someone. Of course, as I turned into my drive they put their blinker on too, but upon glancing in my rearview mirror it became obvious that the driver which had been following me was none other than my dad. Relieved and admittedly a smidge dissappointed, I laughed at myself for making such a big deal of the episode. My faith in the human race had once again been restored and then I found out that it was just a dad being nice to his daughter. Well, I guess that’s ok too. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Your dad is nice, and he probably would’ve done that for anyone. Some people are just cool like that.

  2. I bet that was pretty intense for a while though! Makes for a great story!

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