There’s an amazing amazing book that I love: Into The Wild, and a movie was just made about it. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know that I’ve been looking forward to seeing the movie for a really long time now. It was released in late September, but it didn’t actually come to Springfield until today. So, I made plans to go see it. The movie is 2 and a half hours long. After watching for 2 hours, the movie started playing upside down. Yes, they actually put the film into the reel upside down. Is this something they can go in and just fix easily…no. It’s a hugely long process that takes something like 2 hours. As if that’s not unbelievable enough, I met a couple that actually drove 3 hours just so they could see the movie…Guess what they told us? They went to the 4:30 showing of the movie and it got cancelled for the very same reason. Oh; my; gosh. You have got to be kidding me. They had…oh…4 hours to fix the movie?! So either 1. they just didn’t bother to do anything with it, or 2. the person who “fixed” it just cut the film out and put it in upside down again. Regardless, that was a serious screw up on their part. The theater was full of people who’ve been dying to see the movie (because they’d read the book), and most of the people were pretty serious about it. This is not like a stupid Hollywood movie that can just be picked up again…it’s an emotional story and if you have to stop and then start again days later, the effect is not going to be the same! So, they say “oh, here’s a free movie pass so you can go come back and see it when we get it fixed.” Excuse me? I just spent something like $9 on a ticket and roughly 2 hours of my evening and you tell me “just come back later.” So, we finally get them to give us our money back…but not all of it! My mom ended up losing $6 out of it. And the manager got really snobby with her! My mom is like “Um…you are not going to give us all of our money back? I’m sorry, but don’t you think you should give us something since you guys messed up our entire evening? I don’t want to just be able to come back later and see the movie; you should actually do something for us.” The lady is like “look, I gave you as much of your money back as I can. Just be happy with that, ok? Because I didn’t even need to do that for you either.” ARGH, I can’t even write this without getting angry again. Bad customer service on TOP of the fact that they completely screwed up the one movie I’ve ever actually been this excited to see. Seriously, this is the level of love I have for the story (which is true): if I could only ever read one thing for the rest of my life, it would be the book. Absolutely amazing. Ye gads…


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  1. Your love for the book makes me want to read it and see the film. I see it’s in our “art cinema” here in Indy.

    It’s usually hard for me to read anything that isn’t magazine article length, but I’m trying to get back into reading for the sheer joy of it like I used to.

    Did you get to watch the rest of it?

  2. The story is about Chris McCandless (aka: Alex Supertramp) and it’s by the same guy that wrote Into Thin Air. He actually origionally wrote an artical in a magazine about Chris and shortly after that he started getting tons of letters from people who were like “Um, I think that I know this guy…” After that he got really interested in the story and decided to interview the people. Then about a year later some publishing company came to him and said that they wanted him to make a book. By then he’d actually already compiled everything into a sort of book so he was excited about it. Anyways, the entire thing reads more like a newspaper article. I have to say though, if you don’t read it with an open mind then you won’t enjoy it.

    If you want to see the movie, I’d almost suggest watching it before reading the book. I haven’t seen the end yet, but I think that you might enjoy the movie more without knowing the whole story. Although, the film is very true to the book and it’s kind of neat recognizing things in it. If you do watch the movie though, you should try to keep in mind the fact that it’s more like a documentary than anything else. If you expect a dramatic action movie or something you’ll get bored and you won’t enjoy it at all.

    That said, regardless of wether you read the book or watch the movie, I think you’ll enjoy the story. It’s one that makes you think about things and even if for some reason you end up not liking it, it’s still something that can have a huge impact on you. 🙂

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