The Scariest Thing

Anyone who knows me well is probably aware of the fact that I’m a bit of a drama queen. I get scared/excited/annoyed/etc pretty easily. Admitedly, I get over it quickly; if I’m annoyed with someone I’m usually fine about three minutes after they’ve stopped doing whatever is annoying….and so forth.

Last night Mark and I finished the first season of Lost (I’ve got to admit I’m a little bit addicted to it!) and it was kind of scary. Scary enough to make you jump, but not enough to make you scared to walk outside to your car in the dark. It was time for me to leave but I decided to use the restroom first. When I came out, the light was still off in the living-room (because we’d been watching the dvd) and so were all the rest of the lights in the house except for his bedroom light. I assumed that he’d gone in there to figure out what he was going to wear the next day so I was going to go tell him bye and then leave. Well, he wasn’t in the room; so I went back into the living-room and turned on the light. From there I could see into the kitchen and he wasn’t there either. By then I figured that he’d gone out the back door (in the kitchen) to take out the trash before he went to bed. I started to follow him when this terrifying shape appears out of the little space in front of the refridgerator. As soon as I saw it, I realized that it was Mark, but for some reason it scared me really bad. I screamed and started crying! It was so weird because I was sitting there thinking why am I crying?! I’m retarded! I can’t believe that scared me so bad! But I had to try pretty hard to calm myself down. The funny thing is, I suspected that he was going to do something like that when I saw that all the lights were off, so there was absolutely no reason for me to have reacted so extremely. Hm, isn’t it interesting that your mind can tell you one thing and it doesn’t make a bit of difference as to how you feel?

There’ve definitely been scarier things that have happened to me, but I don’t ever remember freaking out so much as I did last night. Weird. What’s the one time that you’ve been more scared than you can ever remember? Was it actually the same time as the most dangerous thing that’s ever happened was happening to you?


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