The Real Scariest Thing

I’ve been having some un-fun issues lately and just got back from the doctor. She’s informed me that I either have Interstitial Cystitis or Endometriosis; neither of which look all that enjoyable. I really hope it’s the first though, because she said that endometriosis usually causes infirtility. Hm. I’m going to have to go in to a specialist sometime this month and have a thing where they go in with a camera and check to see what it looks like in there. Ah, the joys of being a broken girl. 😦


3 Responses

  1. Hope everything goes ok for you. Hopefully nothing too serious.

  2. Sorry to hear this, Leah… We’ll be praying you get the right diagnosis and help. It probably does seem a bit scary right now. Hang in there…

  3. Yikes. I have heard that endometriosis is very painful. Sorry that you’re having to go through this ordeal.

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