um, does anyone else think the *parent* who was responsible for this film should get in trouble for “neglect?”

They’ve got this great new program where really little kids learn how to swim, but I don’t know exactly how they expect this advertisement to go over well with parents…


2 Responses

  1. For NEGLECT? Are you kidding? This kid is so well prepared for life with a pool in the backyard it’s amazing! I have no doubt, no doubt at all that someone was watching carefully ready to jump in and save the baby if it started to go under. If I had kids and a pool in the backyard, I’d sign my kid up for this program in a heartbeat. If a less prepared baby fell in to the pool, it would drown.

  2. Oh my gosh though…did you see how it was sitting there screaming and the dad was obviously in the pool with it? I think it’s awesome that the kid is prepared and I’d totally do the program too…I just think it’s aweful that they purposely left it in the pool for 5 min just so they could video tape it!

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