The top reasons I like MSU

In absolutely no order:

  • The guy who rides his bike around with a bubble wand (cool)
  • The church bells
  • People aren’t too rich
  • Or too poor
  • Or too old
  • Or too young
  • The church bells
  • There are lot’s of computers
  • It’s not completely presumptuous in it’s decorations
  • But it’s not like a trashy high school either
  • The church bells
  • There’s a pretty garden
  • A display in the english building is devoted entirely to Anne of Green Gables (including the porceline doll that I wanted for my 18th birthday and didn’t get because it was too childish. Teehee)
  • The church bells
  • The english department head has a room which is completely full of normal-people books
  • and the room is messy

In other areas of intrest…Check out these ways that people found my blog. Some of them I just don’t get, and the spelling is quite amusing on others (wemon???):


  • lovley wemon swimming underwoter (4 views)


  • essay on a rescue on a house of fire (1)
  • weeki wachee mermaids (1)
  • photo of a little boy setting of a modle car on (1)
  • freak in da mornin freak in da evenin ai (1)

One Response

  1. Hey did you say you did like the church bells:)
    Sounds like a quaint little place and Anne of Green Gables is the best! I could still sit and watch that and Anne of Avonlea!

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