Big Fish

was a stupid movie. I hated it. But – since we’re on the subject – I went fishing with Mark and his dad at Mark’s parents’ pond. We caught a ton of teensey little perch, but out of the blue, some bass decided it really wanted the worm that I was fishing for perch for. I ended up catching a 16 foot inch (thank you Amy!), 3 lb bass! Woo, they said it was one of the biggest in the pond (because they just started it a few years ago). Mark’s dad took a picture of me with it, but I don’t have it yet. When I do I’ll be sure to post it (unless I have a huge booger sticking out of my nose…in that case I’ll just pretend I didn’t get the pic!)!

On another topic…. I get to re-write my paper. Woo. Not only that…I totally corrected my teacher today. Made me feel a bit better, eh? See, the essay I wrote was supposed to be in the style of Marxist criticism. Well, according to Marxists, the characters in stories/books/poems/etc. are not supposed to be people, but they’re actually supposed to be a “performance model” of a human. So, instead of saying “Margaret did this” you would say “the performance model Margaret did this.” Well, I figured that since it’s not a person, but a performance model…I should use “which” instead of “who” in one particular sentence. He marked it wrong and changed it to “who.” When I asked about it today and explained my reasoning he just sat there for a few seconds and then said “I stand…rather…sit…corrected.” Yes, yes, I know, such a small victory, but it really made me feel better. And I’m not quite so angry anymore, because at least he can admit he’s wrong, right?

Anywho, we’re leaving to go to Blackwater convention tonight! Yay. 🙂 Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


5 Responses

  1. Okay, okay. I can’t help it… sorry Leah, but a SIXTEEN FOOT fish? You’d better post that one in the record book of the world, not just the pond. HeeHee. I know, I know inches. Good catch and I’m glad your class is going better!

  2. lol I’m retarded

  3. sounds like you have a pretty cool prof! not too many would allow that to happen in their class.

  4. It wasn’t actually during class, but still, he was pretty cool about it. Yep.

  5. I’m all about small victories!!:)

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