Not that I spent weeks writing it or anything…

This semester I am taking two classes with the same teacher. English 340 is an Early British Literature class, and English 235 is a class which teaches you how to analyze and critique literature. In English 340 we had an exam and we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting two different texts. He told us ahead of time what our choices would be, and I worked on my essay for two weeks. My thesis was good, I did the essay in the correct format, I backed up all of my arguments with examples from the texts, and there were hardly any grammatical errors in the essay. I got a 20%! Why? Because I “took the interpretation too far” and “went too indepth with the ideas.” Ooook? In English 235 I had to write another essay. I got a 60% on this one…and it was the highest grade in the class. So…um…are there some issues here?


3 Responses

  1. A 20% for going too in depth? What’s the prof want…shallow thoughts?
    I think I’d approach him and ask him what he’s looking for and what he hopes for you to get out of the class this semester!

  2. What’s even more wonderful about this is that these are our first assignments in the class…so I have a 20 and a 60 in my classes! I’m assuming since we’ve only had one assignment in each class so far, there probably won’t be many more opportunities to raise my grades either! *sigh*

  3. I had an English teacher at OU that made me SO MAD because of his critiques of my 15 page paper. All just weird opinions and things that had nothing to do with grades, but I got docked for them. And then Creative Writing (also at OU), same thing! I got a B in Creative Writing! Weird. Hang in there… as a teacher, sorry! I have no idea why some people teach.

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