What do you think?

I heard a quote recently and I’m curious as to what the rest of you guys think.

“I believe that an athiest who is a decent human being because he thinks it’s the right thing to do, is a far better person than a christian who does good things for fear of the punishment that they believe they will recieve from God if they don’t do these things.”


4 Responses

  1. Being a “good person” has nothing to do with spirituality. Therefore, I’d agree with the quote, since those people who do things from the heart are much better than those who do them because they feel forced to do so. Besides, a “Christian” is only one who believes, not necessarily loves and has a relationship with Christ.

  2. The person actually went on to say that they thought that the “good athiest” would have a better chance of getting into “heaven” than the “christian” who did things out of fear.

  3. Oh, well I really would have to disagree with THAT! An athiest, good or bad, has no relationship with God!

  4. Hi, Leah –
    I’m your dad’s cousin and I found you “blog surfing”, or some would call it lurking. : ) Hope you’ve had a good convention… we missed being there this week.
    We have a family blog that you can check out if you want to. We’re “ourtinydot” dot “wordpress” dot com.
    Tell your mom and dad hi for me.

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