Je suis ici!

It’s been a while, no? Our trip to Louisiana went relatively well, all things considered. Unfortunately, last weekend was also the weekend that Mark closed on his house and we had promised to help him move. He was a bit stressed, but rented a U-Haul and some friends from Joplin came up to help him. His apartment was on the 2nd story…and I had a piano in there. Mark said everyone wanted to kill me when it came time to move it. Oops. Apparently Alan kept saying something along the lines of “She’d better play this thing every 🙂 day,” and Eric told Mark he needed to make a time log of when I played it. Anywho, we got back late Monday night and I’ve been super busy since. Yikes. Well, I have a long dramatic story that entails some $350,000, but I’ve suddenly realized that I am super tired and shall have to tell it later.


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  1. Im curious about the story! I told that to David when he got his electric keyboard! Its HUGE and looks just like a piano. It took a couple guys to get it off the Roadway semi that delivered it!~

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