drop cloths, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc.

There was an amazing photograph that I saw in a book a while ago; it was of lady in a white dress floating just under the surface of the water. The picture was taken from an angle below her that showed the water around her…somehow they put it with another picture of the sky at night so it looked like you could see the sky above the water also. I can’t remember who the photographer is, but I’ll update this as soon as I figure it out. Another photographer who’s work I really like is Sir Cecil Beaton. He’s most well known for having designed the costumes for My Fair Lady, but among other things he was commissioned to do a series portraits of the Queen of England and her family during the 20-30s. I like his earlier photographs (of his sisters and their friends) the best. He used some bizzarre stuff for props (see the title of this blog), but the photos are awesome. Mark and I are in the process of trying to “re-create” some of them just to see if we can. We’ve done one successfully (well, close), but I’ll have to wait until I’m home to upload it onto here. Right now I’m actually at Jared’s house…

Jared has been friends with our family since we moved to MO 5 (?) years ago. He and Evan hang out all the time, but last summer he dated my littlest sister (who’s now married!) Alaina for a total of two days. They didn’t even see each other during the entire time period either. Since then Alaina won’t speak to him (don’t ask), but he still comes around our place all the time. He spent 8 days with us during the ice storm we had this January and he usually spends the weekends with us. Lately Emily has been hanging out with them more and more. Well, Jared’s family went to Hodgskis (I’ve no idea if I spelled that right!) and took Emily with them. Afterwards they went and explored the Grand Canyon and such. When they got back…Emily and Jared were holding hands! It took them long enough! It took Jared another week and a half to actually ask her out. They’re cute together though. Emily has never even held a guy’s hand so it’s kinda funny to watch her being all cheesy with him. Anyway, the four of us (Emily, Jared, Evan, and I) came over here to swim and they’re still in the pool. Which brings me back to the subject I started with because I’ve been trying to take cool underwater pictures of them… They mostly look like they’re in fun-house mirrors because the water distorts them so much, but I took a few good ones.


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  1. Wow, I just clicked on your link and figured out you have a wordpress, too! Which is good for me b/c I refuse to get a MySpace account so I can’t comment. Do you have your pics that you take somewhere (picasa??). I should hop over to myspace and look, but for some reason I just don’t like that server (too many of my students to stumble across and learn things I’d rather not know, I think!) I’ll be keeping up with you, keep writing!

  2. Hey girl!
    Kimi here 🙂 You need to set up a Picasa acct for your pics! I’ve had trouble navigating through your myspace pg. It’s free and very user-friendly. Come check out my blog!
    see ya!

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