Movin’ on Up!

Ok, I already blogged about something today, I know… 🙂 Mark finally got fed up with his crazy neighbors at his apartment about a month ago. Since then he’s been looking for a house…and we found one in Billings last week that we love! It’s super adoreable (and small) and he made an offer on it that day. They accepted (yay!) and we found out that we were the first people to even look at it! Wow! Well, they got it inspected yesterday and everything looks pretty good. There are a few little things that kinda need to be fixed, but nothing big. Oh, and the house needs new gutters! My dad and I said we’d put some up as a house-warming gift! Well, anyways, I’m making a cake for dinner tonight. Steph and Alan are coming up from Joplin and Mark’s cooking dinner (steak salad! Yumm!) for us. We’re going to go up to Springfield for the 1st Friday artwalk afterwards. 1st Friday is by far the coolest thing that Springfield has. On the 1st Friday of every month, all of the art stores, book stores, coffee shops, etc stay open late and they have live music, etc. Everyone just walks around and looks in the stores and listens to music. It’s like having an art festival every month! Do you guys have anything like that where you are? I lived in Springfield for almost two years before I even found out about it, but it’s something that’s been going on for quite a while and it’s very popular!


2 Responses

  1. We, we, we! Something more serious going on Leah??

  2. Nooo! Lol, I get asked that all the time now. No, nothing “more serious” is going on; I just spend all my time over at his place anyways so he said I might as well help him out. 🙂

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