Tired with a great tan

So, I’ve been working with my dad lately (he puts up rain gutters). Unfortunately, the gutters are always gross and dirty, there are always creepy guys hanging around, and I’m afraid of heights. Hey, I have a tan though! I’m going with Mark (My *ahem* boyfriend… Does anyone else find that to be an odd word by the time the guy is, oh, 32? Then again, “manfriend” just sounds wrong) to Joplin tomorrow night. We’ll be visiting some of our friends, Stephanie and Alan. Steph is throwing Alan a party for his birthday Saturday, and since he’s from Spain, Alan is going to make “the dish of Spain” for everyone. I can’t ever seem to remember what the real name for it is, but it’s got rice and a ton of different kinds of seafood in it. Sounds yummy to me. Well, we’re supposed to go test drive a car later tonight for my mom and I’m still in gross work clothes… Toodles! 🙂


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